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Wrestling 4

McKinley STEAM Academy has many opportunities for students to participate in sports. All athletes must have both a current physical examination form and a current concussion fact sheet on file in the health clinic.

Practice start dates may vary by individual sport. Most practices start at 3:00 pm and end no later than 5:00 pm. Start times for games/meets are between 3:30 and 3:45 pm, depending on the sport and location. Please contact the main office at 558-2348, press 3 for questions.

Non-school team participation


Aaron Allred

Activities Coordinator


Fall Sports

Cross Country – Andrew Tower

Football (7th grade) – Jake Konzen

Football (8th grade) – Willie Guy and Ben Torres

Boys Tennis  – James McEniry

Girls Soccer – Myles Monnahan (practices and games will be at Franklin)

Volleyball (7th grade) – Amber White

Volleyball (8th grade) – Andrea Roller

Winter Sports

Girls Swimming – Megan Lewis

Boys Basketball (7th grade)  – Judd Malcolm

Boys Basketball (8th grade)  – Brittany Robinson

Boys Swimming – Megan Lewis

Boys Wrestling – Jake Kozen

Girls Wrestling – Ben Torres

Girls Basketball (7th grade)  – Myles Monnahan

Girls Basketball (8th grade)  – Andrew Tower

Spring Sports

Boys Soccer  – Willie Guy

7th and 8th Grade Boys Track and Field – Brittany Robinson and Ben Torres

Girls Tennis – James McEniry

7th and 8th Grade Girls Track and Field  – Amber Kellum and Myles Monnahan